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A friend at work has a little plaque that states the following: Dreams can’t come true if you don’t have any. The past two weeks I’ve been thinking that dreams aren’t broken if you don’t have any.

While it isn’t everyone’s dream, it is a dream of Phil’s to drive for a living. Since it appears the major league baseball career is out of reach he longs to spend his days on the road, seeing new places, singing/humming/whistling along to music in his private one-man concert. And, bless his heart he has pursued that dream. And like any dream pursual it hasn’t been easy. It’s been remarkably hard. There have been a number of set-backs and with each one of them we’ve focused on being supportive of each other and leaning on God and trying to see what we could learn from it all.  Oh, and we cried a lot.

I think what I’ve learned about Phil is some of his biggest areas of vulnerability and his greatest areas of strength. From pushing me to pray, pray, pray, to his endless optimism and his courage to even begin the journey, he has shone through this experience. I think you really get to know your partner during your most trying times together. How can we not be grateful for that?

It appears now as though Phil’s dream is, if not firmly in his grasp, within reach. He is insured (the biggest hurdle to date). Next we will learn if dreams really do come true.


4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Neat words. Hope it works out well for all.

  2. My eyes are brimming with tears of happiness as I write this. I am excited for Phil to live this dream ( I can see him and hear him now on his road trips fully enjoying every minute of every song!) and so thrilled that you guys trusted God and did well through this trial.

    It is awesome to see how God drew you closer together during this hard time and that your faith, your knowledge and understanding of each other and your love has grown stronger.

    I am proud to call each of you sister and brother.

  3. Good to see you blogging (a lot more than I am!). All the best to you and Phil on the new journey.

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