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I don’t know how to spell success and other scary truths

I don’t know how to spell success. There are 10 minutes left in my work day this Monday. I’ve been sleepy all day. So, surely it is justifiable that I actually had to pause and think for a few seconds about how to spell success. I did come up with the right spelling — it just took me longer than is reasonable for a woman with an English degree to her name.

I’m afraid of my own shadow. Anyone in my family and anyone I’ve lived with can tell you that I can be quite jumpy. Sometimes people even take advantage of that (ahem, Duane, Holly). So, it’s not REALLY surprising that a few weeks ago I jumped at my own shadow. I was returning to my office when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of my shadow moving on my half-closed door. My immediate thought was that someone was inside the office and I started ever so slightly – I didn’t jump (or scream thankfully), but my heart just leapt a teeny bit. I was frightened by my own shadow.

Most things I know, I know like the back of my hand… I noticed two moles on the back of my right hand the other day (Phil calls them freckles, I call them moles — definitions of each for another blog), that I’m sure I have never noticed before. Have they always been there? Can I really not have noticed them in nearly 30 years of co-existence (feelings about upcoming milestone birthday for another blog)? Am I really that unaware of my hands?