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First House

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There are a lot of firsts in life that mark a person’s growth and development and the passage of time — first steps, first day of school, first kiss, first time someone rips hair from your upper lip with piping hot wax lest you continue to look like your grandmother. A notable first in my life in the last month has been the purchase of a house. A house. Nothing makes you feel more grown up than a mortgage.

What a blessing a house is. A greater blessing still a sense of home. Home is a place to belong, a place to rest, a place of comfort and [hopefully] joy. Owning your own house makes the realization of that sense all the more tangent.

But as a friend and I were discussing this morning, C.S. Lewis points out in The Screwtape Letters (run, don’t walk, to rush out and read this book) it is laughable for humans to believe they own anything on this earth. To claim ownership of their time, money, even body and soul is ridiculous. We are given things to tend to, but ultimately they are not ours.

So, I will try to think of this new development in our lives as one of the “talents” the master has given us to tend to until his return. I will try to be thankful for this gift while refraining from believing it to be mine. I will appreciate the sense of belonging, the rest, and the comfort and joy we gain from having a home while keeping in mind that these gifts merely point to our true and ultimate home.


One thought on “First House

  1. I give a hearty “right on!” to your sentiments! I look forward to seeing how God gives you all those things that make a house a home because of your willingness to honour him with all of your “talents”.

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