My Father's Daughter

Eggbert Jolin


If the Jolin’s have a short list of baby names they aren’t sharing. I can understand that. It can be a touchy thing (You’re naming your kid Earl??!!).

But just in case they aren’t yet prepared, a friend and I have come up with some suggestions that might suit baby Jolin:

Morris (then when he gets to the NBA he can be MoJo)
And our personal favourite: Jon Bon*

Thoughts? Favourite? Other suggestions?

*Note: Credit must go to Ian Sykes for this suggestion, made when Mari Alice was pregnant with Ada


8 thoughts on “Eggbert Jolin

  1. Ban??? Uh nooooooooooooo to that one. I prefer Daniel, Nathan, or Ernesto (Che Guevara’s real name)

  2. Please note: It’s important to say the names with the childs last name.

  3. those names are great……..I love the Jon Bon Jolin……..haha!

  4. I finally got it. How’s about “Rollin”?

  5. “James Brolin”

  6. HA HA — Love those names anonymous!! (Drew, that’s you right?)

  7. If I told you I’d have to kill you…

  8. Yes Hez it’s me!
    To go as a first name then with my previous suggestion “Rollin” how’s bout “HI”

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