My Father's Daughter


Eggbert Jolin

If the Jolin’s have a short list of baby names they aren’t sharing. I can understand that. It can be a touchy thing (You’re naming your kid Earl??!!).

But just in case they aren’t yet prepared, a friend and I have come up with some suggestions that might suit baby Jolin:

Morris (then when he gets to the NBA he can be MoJo)
And our personal favourite: Jon Bon*

Thoughts? Favourite? Other suggestions?

*Note: Credit must go to Ian Sykes for this suggestion, made when Mari Alice was pregnant with Ada


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Thanksgiving for a bane existence

The wisest woman I have ever known, Phyllis May, told me prior to my wedding that a lot of married life was just everyday boring stuff. She wanted me to not expect flowers and romance all the time. And I believed her. I just didn’t know it would take a year and a half.

A lot has happened to Phil and I since September 25, 2004 — a lot of living, a lot of growing, and a lot of growing pains. And I’ll take it, I’ll take it all, but these days that we have now, with routine and everyday stuff, there’s a sweetness to them made sweeter by the fact that they’ve taken so long to get here.

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You can take the girl out of the country…

On March 12th (yes, I’m a bit behind), Phil and I went to see Brad Paisley in concert. Cowboy-hat-wearing, country-guitar-picking, down-home-singin’ Brad Paisley. I wore my Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame 2005 Inductees t-shirt; just to prove that even though I may be a little bit country I’m also a little bit rock and roll. But I needn’t have worried, my lack of cowboy hat and/or boots did set me apart. And that, I discovered, is the major drawback to the country concert — big ole’ cowboy hats on good ole’ boys screening the action. Oi vey!

Despite my limited view, and the fact that I spilled a good percentage of my Fruitopia all over my jeans and the floor just as the concert was starting, I enjoyed the concert. Johnny Reid and Terri Clark opened. Johnny Reid was quite good — that boy’s got pipes! Terri Clark was also really good. I’ve never cared too much for her, but she was surprisingly very entertaining. I found I knew more of her songs than I thought I did, and that I enjoyed them. She was also a good entertainer. She engaged the crowd and was quite funny. It was great seeing Brad in concert too — I really enjoy his music. So does Phil (the reason we went to the concert — his Christmas present), but he was a little disappointed with the concert.

I guess I must accept it, admit it, and embrace it — I like country music. You can judge me as you wish.