My Father's Daughter

In the words of Oprah…An A-ha moment

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I had an epiphany this morning (in church no less!). For the past couple of years I have been very cognizant of the fact that I am not living to my potential (I know, this may come as a shock). I have been wanting to and trying to make some changes. Have you ever tried to make a change? A significant, real change? I’m not talking more regular flossing or any other good habits (and who out there really flosses daily, c’mon), I’m talking a change to the way that you think or approach life. A change of significant behaviour. It’s hard. We are pretty much who we are going to be by the time we are 5. FIVE!

Well, my a-ha moment this morning was that instead of constantly focusing on all the ways that I continually fall short (again, I know, it’s a shock), what I should be doing is focusing on being who God wants me to be; A child who is in love with him, who serves him and obeys him (both direct results of loving him). I told a good friend once that instead of spending all the energy we do on ‘discovering who we are’ we should be focusing on who we want to be. Then in the heat of the moment instead of reverting back to who we became at 5 we behave as we think that person we want to be would act. (So, basically, yeah, that whole, What Would Jesus Do concept; but sometimes you have to sort out these conclusions on your own).


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