My Father's Daughter

Oh how embarrassing…


So, yesterday afternoon I was quietly sitting in a meeting listening attentively. I was vaguely aware that there was a something rattling around in my right nostril, but I was powerless to do anything about it. I continued to sit there breathing normally when all of a sudden — whewp — a little booger came flying out of my nose and landed on my notes in front of me (I don’t really know the medical term for said substance so must use the common vernacular; for even more interesting terms please contact my nephews). You must understand, this is a very serious meeting. No one had cracked a smile for about 20 minutes. Words like “iteration”, “contextualized” and “aggregate data” were being bandied about. And a booger half the size of a paper clip FLEW OUT OF MY NOSE!

Thankfully, the damage was minimal. I think very few, if anyone, saw it. I was sitting back from the table a bit and my notes were in my lap. With as much grace and slow deliberation I could muster I calmly reached over and brushed the offending projectile from my page and resumed attentive listening (while simultaneously scanning the eyes of the other attendees trying to discern a barely concealed smile that might betray a witness to my faux pas).


2 thoughts on “Oh how embarrassing…

  1. Kudos to you for keeping your cool! I am very impressed. I am pretty sure the urge to giggle non-stop would have won out over the non-chalent sweeping aside of the offending article for me!


  2. If there’s anything funnier than a good booger story then I haven’t heard it!!!–>

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