My Father's Daughter

Man, that STANKS!

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Why does hockey sweat smell the same? Everyone has their own particular body odor when they sweat (though I do smell exactly like my Dad when I sweat — but this is something I’m not willing to explore the why’s or ramifications of). But Phil had his sweaty hockey t-shirts and socks airing in our bathroom and it smelled like my Dad’s hockey equipment, and my brother’s hockey equipment, and my hockey equipment (oh the glory days of high school when I thought I was an athlete). Why is that?

No real profound conclusions, or analogies — just wondering.


One thought on “Man, that STANKS!

  1. Well, I kinda think it is because nobody in the big, bad world of hockey leagues has ever invited the mucky-mucks of companies like Febreeze or Downy play with them.

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