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Women’s clothing

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Why is women’s clothing so complicated? The pants I am wearing today feature two clasps, a button, and a zipper. Is all of that necessary? Men’s pants — one button and a zipper. And they don’t seem to have a problem, what gives? All the buttons, clasps, belts, and ties double my time in the bathroom — it’s affecting my productivity! Perhaps that’s why there is a glass ceiling for women…while we’re spending all that time in the washroom (oh and then there is fixing your mascara, freshening your lipstick, touching up your hair — not that I do it, but I’ve seen others primp…), the men are appearing busy at their desks. Again, I blame the fashion industry.


One thought on “Women’s clothing

  1. I am not sure what to say other than I have to agree…
    I mean, for men it is so easy. You walk into the bedroom at night, undo one button, unzip one zipper and they drop to the floor. All we have to do is step out of them. What is with all the extra acroutrements??

    It takes my wife on average about a hour and half to get ready for bed. I don’t want to tell you what hour she gets up at in the morning just to put on a fashionable outfit..

    It freaks me out man.


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