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I have a number of pet peeves (an above average amount? Who’s to say…). One of these is air conditioning. Now, on principle, I am a big fan of cooling systems when it is hot and fully endorse the air conditioning industry. What BUGS me is that no one understands that air conditioning is meant to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature — not provide refrigeration! What is the point of owning summer clothing if every building you enter is cooled to the point of requiring long sleeves, pants and for-goodness-sake-please-keep-my-toes-from-turning-blue socks? In one of my summer jobs while I was in university a co-worker maintained that the air conditioning was so high so that the men who worked there could still wear suits in the summer. How dumb is the fashion industry that they perpetuate this ridiculous standard where women are in cute little skirts, sandals, sleeveless blouses, capris, and summer dresses while men still need suits to be business ready? But then, the fashion world endorsed the trend of ultra-low-rise-jeans-for-every-body-shape-and-size (shudder) by introducing thongs that are meant to be seen.

My other pet peeves are:

– People using the handicapped button for no apparent reason. Hello, you are letting all the valuable frigid, air conditioned air out! As well as wearing down a system not intended for the able-bodied which means that it will b
reak down when someone who DOES need it comes along. And, good grief, how lazy is that??
– Grown women who wear Winnie-the-Pooh wear. It will NEVER be in style people.
– People who treat the movie theatre like it is their living room.

– Warning and instruction labels on everything. C’mon, have we as a society become so mindless that we need to be told how to open the little packages containing Rice Krispie Squares??

What are your pet peeves?


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