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Still with us

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On Friday I wore the exact same outfit that I was wearing when my mother-in-law died — with one notable exception; this time I was also wearing a necklace that once belonged to her. I’ve worn it virtually everyday since the day after her death. I like being reminded that she is still with us. With each loss of a grandparent I have really appreciated hearing them honoured at their funerals and knowing that they are a part of me – I am their legacy and they will live on here on earth through me. I was also surprised by the feeling that they are still with us — that their spirit was almost palpable. I feel this now too with Pat. She will continue to be of influence to those who knew her and those who meet the ones she has left behind because she is carried in our hearts. I like perpetuating that.

And oh what a legacy, what a spirit. The necklace also helps to serve as a “What Would Pat Do?” reminder. My mother-in-law and I, sadly, did not have much in common, and there is much I can learn from her uncomplaining, loving, kind, gentle, sweet, innocent, and trusting nature. She was more unfailingly aware of God’s control in her life than anyone else I’ve met and completely left all matters in his hands. I pray I can learn to be more like her as my life goes on and I do my best to love her son.


One thought on “Still with us

  1. Hi Heather:
    I have thought a great deal about your blog about Mom. I appreciate all of the kind words that you said. The one comment that has stuck in my mind since I first read it was “sadly, we did not have much in common”. If I could be so bold as to suggest that you have two very crucial things in common – your love for the Lord and your love for our son!! In my books – that’s big!!
    Love, Dad McGrath–>

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