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This day in history: Welcome to the world Heather May

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Today is my 28th birthday. It kind of snuck up on me. I’m glad that I’m 28 now. I think it’s a much nicer number than 27. I have always preferred even numbers.

So far I have been given two gifts. A very nice pen set from my husband and sister-in-law and brother-in-law that includes a fountain pen (the reason for the gift). I’m very happy! Suddenly my handwriting is beautiful and my thoughts are coherent. Who knew I only needed a fountain pen all this time (I wonder what might happen if I gave up my office computer for a typewriter…).

My other gift was actually given to me a few days ago, but has reached its peak today. Ada, my youngest niece, has given me a cold, and I suspect I know the precise moment it was given. Last Wednesday I had the awesome priviledge of babysitting her. Due to an unfortunate incident with a full sippy cup of water and little hands that can now unscrew sippy cup lids and love to play in water, I had to change her from wet pj’s into dry ones. I had just gotten her shirt off when she threw herself against me, wrapped her little arms around my neck in a big hug and with her face in mine said, “You are the best Aunt Hez I’ve ever seen”.

Who’s to say which is the better gift?


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