My Father's Daughter

On a trip to Frumpsville

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I feel frumpy today. And not just today. I have been feeling really uncomfortable in my clothes lately. I’ve always dressed for comfort – by wearing clothes that are comfortable and clothes that I feel comfortable wearing; meaning I feel good physically but also emotionally. I try to wear what I feel suits me and looks good. But lately, I don’t know, I guess I’ve just been missing the mark. It could be the several extra pounds that I didn’t used to carry (only some of them I shouldn’t actually be carrying according to my BMI [although you’d think I’d be used to my roundness by now]). Clothes fit me differently now and though I keep buying bigger sizes, nothing seems to make me feel good anymore. Or it could be that the stereotype exists for a reason, and frumpiness is really part of this new librarian persona I’m adopting. Or it could be a phase. The other day my sister said that she went through a frumpy stage, so maybe I’m following in her footsteps (which, incidentally, are made with really cool shoes and boots, a far cry from my dorky footwear these days — sigh, I remember the days she envied MY shoes…). Whatever it is I hope I can get over it. It’s really affecting my confidence. Don’t they say the clothes make the man? I don’t know if that’s true, but I can tell you, it sure feels like it defines the woman.


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