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How Shania Twain taught me about God’s love

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I must make yet another confession. I like country music. Please don’t judge me. It gets worse. I like Shania Twain. Seriously, it doesn’t make me a bad person.

Currently one of my favourite Shania songs (they don’t stay favs for long — I don’t know if you’ve noticed, her songs are beginning to sound very much the same…) is “I’m Jealous”. It’s a song about being so in love that the protagonist is jealous of the moon, the sun, the wind, and the rain for their ability to caress her lover’s skin. The chorus is as follows: “I don’t want to share you with nothing else, gotta’ have you to myself, I can’t help it I’m so in love, I just can’t get you close enough”.

It occurred to me that that is how our jealous God feels about us. And the neat thing is, the wind, the sun, the moon, the rain, are all gifts of His love, they are a caress from Him. This was an emotional moment for me. I struggle with understanding God’s love for me, and maybe even accepting it. So anything that can help me to gain an understanding that I am the object of this incredible, undeserved love is great, even if it is a country song.


One thought on “How Shania Twain taught me about God’s love

  1. No kidding Hez….I struggle to when it comes to understanding that kind of love! I like your thought that God shows us his love in the way described by the song.

    I never would have come across that on my own because I am not a fan of much that is country music. I was considering holding it against you but since the thoughts coming out of it are so inspiring, I guess I won’t!!

    Love, Nan–>

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