My Father's Daughter

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A walk of importance

I don’t have clicky shoes. My office is off the main hall at work so there’s a lot of traffic outside my door. A lot of the women that walk by do so in shoes that click on the tiles, it gives their walk a sense of urgency (may be true considering my location near the women’s washroom), and importance. Their shoes are saying, “Out of my way, I’m a very important woman with very important things to do”. I think clicky shoes may even inspire women to walk quickly because every woman walking by in her clicky shoes does so very quickly. Meanwhile I’m shuffling around in my mute shoes that don’t make any kind of statement at all. I bet if I got clicky shoes and walked up and down the hall at a fast pace, carrying a file folder and looking harried I wouldn’t have to do anything and my co-workers and boss would still shake their heads and say, “That McGrath, always working hard”.