My Father's Daughter


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Phil slipped on some ice today and fell. He’s not seriously hurt — just missing some skin on his wrist. But this unfortunate incident has reminded me of a peculiar aspect of my character; I think adults falling is hysterical. Whenever I see someone stumble down stairs, or run into something (like a sliding glass door), I choke with laughter. Isn’t that awful?! When I’m the one to fall or crash (which happens far more than I’d like to admit), I am VERY embarrassed. So why am I not more compassionate? I usually try to be mindful of other people’s feelings, but in this one area I can’t seem to control myself. One of my favourite funny movies is The Whole Ten Yards with Matthew Perry mainly because he spends most of the movie falling all over the place, and I laugh every time! Not all physical comedy amuses me (haven’t seen much of the Stooges but I’m not all that impressed by the concept), but for some reason the falling thing cracks me right up! I need help….


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