My Father's Daughter

From growing up to getting old…

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My name is Heather McGrath and I’m addicted to buying shoes. Actually I’m recovering (ask me when I last bought shoes…). But here’s the thing; I love to buy shoes, but I won’t spend a lot of money on them. After years of wearing “fashionable” footwear from Payless, Walmart, and Zellers, I’ve ruined my feet. So now I’m in the market for better shoes (oh, and when I say better, I mean really expensive). And as with the phenomenon of seeing the car you just bought all over town, I can’t stop looking at people’s feet. I guess about the comfort of their shoes, where they got them, why, for Pete’s sake, they wear very high-heeled, pointy-toed, rigid-soled footwear just to look nice. And that there says it all — I am 27, and I’m ready to trade comfort for fashion. I already carry a larger than average purse. Next it will be pants with elastic bands, flowered house dresses and cardigans. Youth was nice while it lasted. Remember when I was cool?

If you see me shuffling by in my white hospital shoes, stop and say hello (be sure to get close so I can see who you are), I might just have a Kleenex coated candy or two, stuck in the bottom of my large purse.


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