My Father's Daughter

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A walk of importance

I don’t have clicky shoes. My office is off the main hall at work so there’s a lot of traffic outside my door. A lot of the women that walk by do so in shoes that click on the tiles, it gives their walk a sense of urgency (may be true considering my location near the women’s washroom), and importance. Their shoes are saying, “Out of my way, I’m a very important woman with very important things to do”. I think clicky shoes may even inspire women to walk quickly because every woman walking by in her clicky shoes does so very quickly. Meanwhile I’m shuffling around in my mute shoes that don’t make any kind of statement at all. I bet if I got clicky shoes and walked up and down the hall at a fast pace, carrying a file folder and looking harried I wouldn’t have to do anything and my co-workers and boss would still shake their heads and say, “That McGrath, always working hard”.


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A Seinfeldian observation

Why does Fedex feel the need to specify that it’s trucks are Fedex Ground? Are people driving down the street, spotting a delivery truck for Fedex and pondering if it’s ground or air? Is this a problem for some people? Do they need the reminder that trucks drive on the ground? If so, are they confused about where they are? Does it remind them that they are behind the wheel of a car, on the ground instead of flying an airplane? Is someone out there catching sight of a Fedex delivery truck — “Fedex Ground….oh right, I’m in my car, this is the highway….better take it off auto-pilot…stewardess, cancel the drinks…..”.

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Phil slipped on some ice today and fell. He’s not seriously hurt — just missing some skin on his wrist. But this unfortunate incident has reminded me of a peculiar aspect of my character; I think adults falling is hysterical. Whenever I see someone stumble down stairs, or run into something (like a sliding glass door), I choke with laughter. Isn’t that awful?! When I’m the one to fall or crash (which happens far more than I’d like to admit), I am VERY embarrassed. So why am I not more compassionate? I usually try to be mindful of other people’s feelings, but in this one area I can’t seem to control myself. One of my favourite funny movies is The Whole Ten Yards with Matthew Perry mainly because he spends most of the movie falling all over the place, and I laugh every time! Not all physical comedy amuses me (haven’t seen much of the Stooges but I’m not all that impressed by the concept), but for some reason the falling thing cracks me right up! I need help….

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Not another cat blog!

I remember the days when I scoffed at those who went on and on about their pets, who put up pictures of them — IN FRAMES, who thought their pet, and their pet alone, was the cat’s meow (ouch, waaay too obvious). Now I tell Keillor stories… If I ever have kids I may find out that I don’t know everything about raising them either….

This morning at 5:00 a.m., after he’d pushed Keillor off my chest for the third time, Phil mumbled, “Needy”. My response was, “Everyone is needy, she’s just cat enough to admit it”. Now isn’t that profound?

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Why I’m up at 5:00 a.m.

My cat loves to cuddle – and like all cats, she prefers to do things on her time-schedule, thank you very much, and not that of a humans. So somewhere around 4:00 in the morning, my amorous cat lets me know of her intentions by purring loudly, while standing on top of me, and licking my face. You try to sleep with a 20lb cat standing on your chest, licking your lips.

Quite often after we’ve “cuddled” I can’t get back to sleep (residual guilt over kissing a cat?). Then my mind turns. Sometimes I worry, but more often I write things in my head, or come up with ideas, usually of a creative (and totally useless) nature. I’m brilliant at 4:30 a.m. Of course, most things, on examination in the light aren’t really that brilliant at all. (My philosophical mind that thinks in metaphor, would draw some comparison to spiritual darkness and light here, but it’s just too early for that kind of silly talk.)

So this is why I’m up to greet the day, though I will be waiting for a long time for it to reciprocate, and why I’ll, again, be falling asleep on the couch at 9:00 tonight.

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From growing up to getting old…

My name is Heather McGrath and I’m addicted to buying shoes. Actually I’m recovering (ask me when I last bought shoes…). But here’s the thing; I love to buy shoes, but I won’t spend a lot of money on them. After years of wearing “fashionable” footwear from Payless, Walmart, and Zellers, I’ve ruined my feet. So now I’m in the market for better shoes (oh, and when I say better, I mean really expensive). And as with the phenomenon of seeing the car you just bought all over town, I can’t stop looking at people’s feet. I guess about the comfort of their shoes, where they got them, why, for Pete’s sake, they wear very high-heeled, pointy-toed, rigid-soled footwear just to look nice. And that there says it all — I am 27, and I’m ready to trade comfort for fashion. I already carry a larger than average purse. Next it will be pants with elastic bands, flowered house dresses and cardigans. Youth was nice while it lasted. Remember when I was cool?

If you see me shuffling by in my white hospital shoes, stop and say hello (be sure to get close so I can see who you are), I might just have a Kleenex coated candy or two, stuck in the bottom of my large purse.

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Winter Wonderland

I love Christmas in the North! My parents house – nestled in the trees, overlooking rolling hills – offers a great vantage point, where everywhere you turn there is a cheesy Christmas album cover waiting to be captured. It’s so beautiful.

Phil and I had a good first Christmas together. We had a great time with the Mays and McGraths; we were spoiled with gifts and great food; and we enjoyed our time together. We’d do it again.