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I’m just so excited! I love Christmas! I love my husband! I love my family! I love being with my family at this time of year! I just have the warm fuzzies about going up to be with my family and Phil’s parents. People always complain about the stress of this time of year, but it is the opposite for me. I enjoy shopping for Christmas presents (but don’t ask me if I’m done… EGAD! This is the most last-minute I’ve ever been; must be a newlywed thing — we spend too much time together, not enough time shopping! Can you believe it? I don’t shop anymore!), I love being with my fam, I relax when I’m up North, and I don’t have too many commitments that keep me going to holiday event after holiday event.

Another nasty trip to the dentist yesterday — had an upper wisdom tooth pulled. Yuck and OUCH! Why do wisdom teeth come in only to be yanked out?

This past weekend Phil and I had a kick-off to our Christmas celebrations. We went to London to have a little Christmas with his sister and brother-in-law and their two boys. It was great! I feel as though I’ve known them for years. They are wonderful and have welcomed me into the family in such a loving way (see, it’s that holiday cheer — who needs the spiked egg nog, I’m drunk on love — please return to reading this after you’ve puked….). After the Britton’s it was on to my Aunt Martha’s for the May Family Christmas. Phil met my extended family on my Dad’s side for the first time. You’ll have to ask him about it – he says he had a good time…. He did get to play Euchre and Crokinole, so I think he was happy, oh, and he REALLY enjoyed the food (any event with a spread like the one my Aunt Martha puts out, and Phil’s going to be happy). It was a pretty good time.

Well, this blog isn’t really all that deep or entertaining. Just me blathering. I just haven’t written in awhile and thought I should…

Anywho, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Have a relaxing time, and a loving time, enjoy your family.


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