My Father's Daughter

I may be growing up…

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On Saturday my hubby and I were able to host my sister-in-law et famille (Nan, Don, William (7), and Jackson (5)), and my sister et famille (Mari Alice, Mark, Mariah (6), and Ada (3)). It was a very good time.

What was really cool was there I was, playing house — cooking for a big group of people in my home (that I’d rapidly cleaned that morning, making it actually feel like a home). It’s been awhile since I hosted at all and this was the first time in the home that Phil and I have established together. It felt so grown-up! Both Phil and I are always being fed by our gracious big sisters, so it was nice to return the favour, though our efforts were only a drop in the bucket compared to what these wonderful women do for us. I have a deeper appreciation for them now too — I was so tired Saturday night!

It’s scary to become domesticated — I’m cooking, entertaining, decorating. Eeek! If I wasn’t so afraid of jail, I might be in danger of becoming the next Martha Stewart.


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