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Keillor’s troubles


Our cat Keillor (yep, it’s official, Phil signed the adoption papers just last week, and Keillor has even chosen to take Phil’s last name) had a disturbing trip to the vet yesterday. She’s been having some problems over the past week (let’s just say you wouldn’t want her to sit on your lap after she’s been to the litter box…). We were worried because in addition to having a perpetually dirty bum she was behaving strangely. I was already having visions of sending her off to Steve’s Clinic for Pet Euthanasia. Thankfully, she merely has an infection because she is (as the vet put it), “not agile enough” to clean herself properly. Translation, she is too chubby to reach her bum (I feel better now about the fact that she licks me…)

To correct this problem Keillor has antiobiotics to take, which Phil has successfully been administering (in addition to being a very good house husband, he’s now becoming a very wonderful pet nurse). The vet shaved her bottom (she’s very embarrassed about it, don’t tease her), and we will now have to clean her butt everyday ourselves. Yep, we have to wipe our cat’s bum for her. We bought baby wipes yesterday.

Get well soon cards can be sent to Keillor McGrath c/o Phil and Heather, 5A-69 Brooklyne Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 1C6.


2 thoughts on “Keillor’s troubles

  1. Hi:

    It’s me, Phil…I just didn’t feel like signing up for my own blogger account at this time. I am just commenting anonymously for now. I just wanted to let you know that I laughed at your blog……very humourous…yup, keillor’s too “chubbster”‘ish to even clean herself…….sorry heather, I think’s it’s hilarious!

    I love you!

  2. Get used to thoser baby wipes. You will need the practise.Hint hint hint.

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